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J.P., a photographer and storyteller, created Street Grunt Photography after coming out of treatment for alcohol and drug addiction when he decided he needed to do more than attend twelve-step meetings. He took to America’s streets to photograph users amid their addictions. The work expanded to cover more.

As a former addict, and Iraq War Veteran, J.P. is uniquely qualified for this work and often connects on a personal level with those he photographs.

Interestingly, his work helps to keep him clean and sober, as it often depicts the reality of relapse.

J.P. sees himself as a catalyst performing the grunt work others cannot or will not perform, with the ambition to see his raw product touch others that empathize, and through social and political strength, we can steer change to benefit the humans J.P. loves to photograph.

He resides in Gillette, Wyoming and makes his living as a trainman for a Class 1 railroad.

Photograph taken in Newcastle, Wyoming and depicts the Newcastle Bullet train crew.  From left to right: Brad Boehm - locomotive engineer, Wally Wahlstrom - train conductor, J.P. Caffee - brakeman.

Street Grunt Photography

Photographer & Storyteller

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